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North Beck Energy have now concluded our public consultation ahead of our formal planning application, but we are always happy to receive contacts from both members of the community and potential suppliers.

Please fill in the contact form (right) and, when you are happy with your input, print a copy for your records and then press the SUBMIT button at the end of the form.

If, rather than using the comments form on this page, you would prefer to email North Beck Energy directly, then you can contact the team at

To summarise the North Beck Energy project:

  • We intend to build the North Beck Energy Centre on land near to Immingham Port.
  • The project is planned on an empty site, close to the Eastern gate to Immingham Docks.  This land is already designated for industrial purposes and will be brought into productive use for the first time.
  • Our vision will see a three year construction period creating, at peak, around 350 jobs.
  • We will require around 40 permanent full-time staff to run the plant for its 25 year + operational life.
  • The plant will create many additional jobs in the local transport sector and other support industries.
  • When operating, the Centre will supply just under 50 MW (megawatts) of vital electricity via the local grid, powering homes and businesses for decades to come.

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