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North Beck Energy


North Beck Energy Centre

(Port of Immingham)

North Beck Energy are developing a £170 million Energy Centre close to the Port of Immingham: when operation the plant will generate approximately 50MW (megawatts) of electrical energy, approximately 50% of which would be classified as renewable, on an industrially zoned site close to the Port of Immingham. 

The North Beck Energy Centre development will bring the following benefits:

  • The creation of 350 jobs during the three-year construction phase.
  • 40 permanent full-time jobs operating the plant for a minimum of 25 years.
  • Substantial indirect employment, and investment, in transport; training; and other support industries.
  • Expected contribution to the local authority, through business rates, of £1.5m+ per annum.
  • The opportunity to recover electrical energy from pre-treated and processed industrial and household refuse which would otherwise be disposed of into landfill sites or even sent to Europe for power generation there.
  • The generation of 50 MW (megawatts) of badly needed dependable electricity generation for the local grid, delivering the equivalent of the annual average consumption in 80,000 homes. 
  • Investment of significant, privately sourced capital expenditure, worth £170m, in a disadvantaged region - without the need for any government or other public subsidies or grants.

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